Local groups for adults

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Exmouth Local and Nearby Groups For Adults

g  = group    s = support

AbilityNet-web based tech help

Able2achieve - support for people with Learning Disabilities g/s)

Avocet Line Rail Users Group
Budleigh Community Workshop
Budleigh Film Society - shows eclectic mix of films

Exmouth and Budleigh Anglo - French Society 07855 194408/07812 899635

Can Cope Breast Cancer (g/s)

Clean Beach Exmouth - join and help keep the beach litter free (g) 

Exmouth In Bloom (g)

Exmouth Bridge Club (g)

Exmouth Chess Club  (g)

Exmouth British Legion (g/s)

Exmouth Carnival Club (g)

Exmouth and District Social Meet Up (g)

Exmouth  Freemasons (g)

Exmouth Garden Club (g)

Gardening in aid of the people of Exmouth - sells plants to benefit local charities

Friends of Gulliford Dissenters Burial Ground

Exmouth Gateway - social group for those with Learning Disabilities (g/s)

Exmouth History & Archaeological Society (g)

ELF-Exeter Leukaemia Fund

Exmouth Rotary (g)
Otter Valley Association (OVA) guided walks, talks
Seadog Art, Exmouth

Stroke Survivors Club

Exmouth Talking Newspapers (g/s)

Exmouth Vegan - Eco Market - hold markets several times a year (g)

Friends in Need (s)
Friends of Gulliford Dissenters Burial Ground (g)

Inner Wheel Exmouth - Friendship with Service

La La Choir Lympstone

La La Choir Exmouth

Learn to read in Exmouth Angie Greenhalgh 07942 383 300


Plastic Free Exmouth (g)

 Probus (g)

Quiet Mind Centre - therapists give their time to those on low income

Repair Cafe - bring broken goods to be repaired

St. Johns Ambulance  (g/s)
Seachange-support and various groups to join (g/s)
Seaful - connecting people to the sea for mental health

Stamp Club, Exmouth Tel. Richard Wakeman 01404 814947

Transition Exmouth (g)

Exmouth Twinning Association

U3A - many interest groups to join or, start your own (g)

Work  Club - Glenorchy Work Club  helping those looking for work

Exmouth Write By The Sea (g)

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Exmouth Past and Present

Exmouth (Devon) Arts and Music Events

Exmouth U.K.

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